Ribbon Style Ⅱ


As a follow-up to my previous post, I continue my work on creating ribbon styled controls, It seems that someone else has already take on the adventure, and what he has created is really cool indeed.

Anyway, the following screenshot demonstrates the current progress I am at:

Currently I cannot upload the source to my server, I promise when it get fixed, I will update this post to include the download link.

Edit: Source is uploaded, you can download the vs project here.


Hao MoMo said...

Nice sample. Just a quick question, though.

You used AllowsTransparency of true, which kills the performance quick a lot. Are you willing to take other approach to achieve the same thing but without AllowsTransparency of true? This will be very important for production purpose. Thanks!

I am doing WPF apps development. Will return to Shanghai for a while, Wanna find sometime to have a drink or something?

Nick said...

Great example. I'm now finding how hard it is to emulate the 'standard' windows appearance and behaviour using a custom template!

I think there is a small bug in the WmSizing method (case NativeMethods.SizingWindowSide.BottomLeft) which means the window can be pushed to the right when you resize from the bottom left corner...